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ENZOpro Master Educator

This certification program is the highest level of accreditation with ENZO Milano. It will consist of an official qualifying process that will include extensive detailed training and testing. All ENZOPro Master Educator members will reap the following benefits:

  • ENZOpro Master Card holder
    • 30% off any regular price products on our website any time
    • Exclusive trade show offers at National shows and events
    • 10% off at any Authorized Dealer
    • Exclusive monthly discount offers
    • Exclusive new products previews
    • Access to Enzo Milano’s Newsletter reporting the latest trends in the industry
    • Discount pricing at The Enzo Academy’s Costa Mesa Campus
    • No Annual Fees
  • Ability to issue ENZOpro cards
    • Issue cards to your clients
    • Issue cards to certified ENZOpro Artists
    • Issue ENZOpro Artist Certification
    • The ability to hold a class and certify an ENZOpro Artist
    • Join the ENZOroad Team
    • Join our international show roster be be become part of our road team
    • Store support education
    • Trade show education
    • Hotel seminars
  • Financial Gain
    • Commission based compensation for ENZOpro class sales
    • Commission based compensation for ENZOpro card sales
    • Day rate & incentive compensation for ENZOroad sales & education

ENZOPro Master Educator Application

  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx.