Italian design & Inspiration

The Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale was the focal point for our new design inspiration.”

The Timeless the Mid Century Modern design of the Alfa by Franco Scaglione

“Franco’s design has inspired our Italian design team to create the Most Beautiful timeless iron ever made.”

Keeping beauty & quality without Compromising

The unique feel of an ENZO Iron
The ENZO signature look
The functionality of ENZO iron.
The unduplicated results of ENZO iron
This Is our number 1 priority.
“Our NEW iron has never shown a better fusion between it all.”

The Beautiful Curves

“Giving a fluid flow and couture feel in your hand, this will feel as beautiful as it looks”

The Soft rounded corners

“Give the iron a timeless feel making this iron look and feel just as beautiful today as it will in 20 years”

The Seamless Design

“Creative Integration of hiding all seems Showcasing beauty both apart as well as together”

The Light reflection & Color Trim Accents

“Multiple plastic molding gives us the opportunity to give you beautiful accent colors and multiple textures”

“Utilizing different types of plastics & textures to change how it reflects light and make more visually stimulating while in use”

“Trimming placement and rounded shapes have been wrapped and carefully contoured to be visually noticeable at any angle while in use.”

Yet keeping the integrity of the Enzo feel, functionality of the iron with out any sacrifice.