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The Enzo Milano Original Classic Clipless (wand) has become one of the most copied designs in the industry with 13 distinct shapes and sizes.

ENZO Milano recognizes that our business is about more than just designing hair styling tools

We are dedicated to designing hair styling tools that implement the best in technology that protect your hair, make you look great and ensure your style lasts.

Tribostatic Technology

ENZO Milano TRIBOSTATIC Technology is used in each of our revolutionary hair styling tools.

Using a state-of-the-art ceramic core, surrounded by our exclusive TRIBOSTATIC Heat Sink.

The ENZO Milano TRIBOSTATIC Heat Sink is a form of passive heat, allowing even, consistent heat distribution.

Tribostaic® Chip

With a T1 Chip that is used to control the temperature of the ceramic resistor device by distributing the heat and ions evenly throughout the hair styling device. Allowing your style to be consistent throughout your entire styling process.

Non-stick Coating

Our Original Coating has been carefully engineered to be the like no other coating available on the market. And exclusive coating technology that allows for multiple benefits

– Non-stick topcoat – Ceramic inter coating – Aluminum base – Easily cleaned – Coated for max Heat distribution – Scratch resistant

Plastic & Italian Design

The original Italian design of our Clipless (wand) is more than just the amazing shape and that feels great in your hand.

We have created an exclusive mixture of plastics to allow the iron to be the most durable iron ever made.

We designed the 1st gravity swivel tail allowing for easy 360 degree swivel and less tangling or twisting of your cord while styling. Get yours today..

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More than just an iron without a clip

When you use one of our technologically-advanced products, you are going to see an immediate difference between the ENZO Milano styling tool, and the traditional curling iron or flat iron that you used in the past.

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