ENZO Milano Founder

The creative genius behind the one-of-a-kind beauty product brand ENZO Milano, Renzo Composto is responsible for launching a new category of innovation and ingenuity within the beauty industry. Originally starting in the trade as an 18 year old, Renzo recognized early on the need for new inventions infused with imagination and based on high standards. In collaboration with a family member, Renzo devised a plan to bring his beauty ideas to America, and the rest is history.

Renzo is passionate about designing and manufacturing products that people not only love, but also believe in. Through the implementation of new design concepts and a commitment to delivering education on groundbreaking products, Renzo brought to life the extraordinary clipless curling iron that revolutionized professional appliances and provided a unique alternative to traditional flat and curling irons. No longer only for celebrities and Hollywood stylists, he is dedicated to injecting new life into the beauty product industry and has created a platform that has no barriers.

Through Renzo’s distinct imagination, stylists and women around the world are able to achieve looks that are unreachable through ordinary spring or marcel curling irons and it is this level of individuality that is the driving force and the motivation behind the brand’s growing popularity and recognition the world over.

The mission that Renzo has instilled in his company is based on putting the customer first and creating a beauty experience that allows for brand interaction and generates loyalty and confidence in the quality products that ENZO Milano delivers. And Renzo believes that this mantra makes his brand incomparable to other competitors in the marketplace.

Renzo invites you to come and experience the innovative and superior beauty tools designed, manufactured and guaranteed with a lifetime warranty by ENZO Milano. Attain the look you have been dreaming about and get inspired with ENZO Milano products. Create lasting curls that are always imitated, but never duplicated.

Renzo Composto, CEO

Founded on a passion for hair and a commitment to our loyal clients,

The ENZO Milano brand is one that has been built around a combined focus on creating the most glamorous in red carpet looks through the best in advanced technology.  Once a premier brand used by stylists in the entertainment industry and on fashion runways, today, ENZO Milano products are available to pros and beauty enthusiasts alike.

The designer of the innovative and one-of-a-kind clipless curling iron, the ENZO Milano mission is simple, we are dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to create eye-catching styles and the artful waves and curls that will make you stand out in a crowd.  No matter if you are prepping for a night on the town, or a day at the office, ENZO Milano is your choice for the best hair design products.   Committed to excellence, Enzo Milano is continually looking to craft the most revolutionary hair styling accessories and products that make you stand out.  Through the use of ENZO Milano tools, your look may be imitated, but never duplicated.

ENZO Milano is the only manufacturer of the critically-acclaimed and award-winning 360-degree swivel base clipless curling irons.

This incredible ergonomic product, based on TRIBOSTATIC technology, allows you to achieve the looks you have been dreaming of, without having to deal with challenges associated with traditional curling iron products.  Forget about unsightly kinks or ridges in the hair, with a heat resistant handle, the ENZO Milano clipless curling iron will heat to its maximum temperature within 60 seconds and deliver consistent and beautiful curls that have a long lasting hold time that is second to none.  What’s more is that the ENZO Milano team also cares about the quality of your hair, and we designed our clipless curling irons with Aluminum Non-Stick coated barrels that serve as a protective barrier between the heat and your locks, while the ceramic heating element encased inside the barrels protect your hair cuticles, ensuring your tresses stay soft, shiny and healthy.

With ENZO Milano, you will make your friends wonder when you hired your own personal stylist.  Get the coif you have been dreaming about with the products Hollywood stylists have been raving about, experience ENZO Milano and create celebrity hair at home.