13MM (1/2″ Barrel) – Enzo Milano

13MM (1/2″ Barrel)

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Create These Looks:

An absolute hit in Paris and the winner of the Grand Prix Award for the category of “Most Innovating Iron,” the 13mm Round Classic Clipless Curling Iron is the smallest in our classic line of irons with a ½ inch barrel.  Allowing a user to form smaller curl patterns while providing a protective barrier for the hair shaft, this iron is ideal for both short and long hair and is a great way to achieve increased texture or produce clean and tight show-stopping curls.  Additionally, this remarkable clipless iron will work on normally un-curlable hair and what’s more…the curl will hold!  No matter if you are looking to give your look some added bounce without going through a chemical-heavy perm, or if you want to create a fun and elaborate spiral up-do, the 13 mm Round Classic Clipless Curling Iron will help you achieve the bouncy look you are looking for, in record time.

  • Smallest of our Classic line and equipped with TRIBOSTATIC Technology and ergonomic design.
  • Available in ½ inch option.
  • Easy glide barrel, and quick cleaning, simply wipe the barrel to avoid residue build-up.
  • Great for short un-curlable hair and long hair options; creates smaller curl patterns.
  • Tremendous versatility allows for achieving texture or clean tight curl patterns on any hair length.
  • Non-stick coated barrel and 8 foot tangle-free cord.
  • 100% Heat Resistant Safety Glove included with purchase.