Anti-Tangle Weaving Comb – Enzo Milano

Anti-Tangle Weaving Comb

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Always looking to stay ahead of the pack, ENZO Milano is proud to introduce yet another product that is unlike any other in the beauty industry. The Anti-Tangle Weaving Comb comes equipped with two sides that provides you with the opportunity to maximize sectioning. Designed for weaving color and sectioning, as well as anti-tangle work and preventing static, you will be able to have new ability in creating spectacular color looks as well as combing out wet or dry hair without experiencing the hassle of tangles or knotting. Moreover, this fantastic comb actually allows for new levels of creativity to be reached! Apply two different color foils at the same time or use in other specialty styling, this comb is durable and long lasting. ENZO Milano is sure that it will become a “must have” styling tool that will make you wonder, “How did I ever live without it?”

  • First-of-its-kind anti-tangle weaving comb provides two sides that maximize users’ choice of sectioning; designed for weaving color, sectioning, anti-tangle and static
  • Allows for great color efficiency as well as combing any type of hair, wet or dry, without pulling or knotting
  • Provides for ability to do two different color foils at the same lock of hair at the same time
  • Durable and long lasting