Team ENZO – Enzo Milano


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A team in every sense of the word, the members of team ENZO are not only business partners, they are a family.  Driving a business based on new beauty technology and never-before-seen design, the members of TEAM ENZO have a passion for their exclusive products and a dedication to  your personal style.

Standing behind CEO Renzo Composto since the founding of ENZO Milano, team ENZO subscribes to Renzo’s developed vision and works every day to appeal not only to the professional stylist, but also the woman who wants the products that are created with her needs and wants in mind. A team with a distinct combination of industry experience as well as outside-of-the-box ingenuity and imagination, team ENZO will work to continue to bring new design ideas and product capability into reality, and into the hands of the stylists and consumers who love and believe in what they do.

If you are looking to partner with a team who is focused on the success of your salon, or simply want to invest in beauty tools and products that are based on a philosophy and a culture that is a departure from the predictable and typical, team ENZO and the full product offering of ENZO Milano is your answer.

Peruse the website and learn about who we are, as a team, as a product line and as a company.  ENZO Milano is never ordinary, and always dedicated to making you extraordinary.